Will The Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand UP. Part 1

Gronda Morin

elections-dnc-hrs-and-obama-great-pix-10946891_what-was-obamas-speech-at-the-dnc-convention_456aba06_mFor the past eight years, I have been crticizing the republican party for turning a blind eye to those members in their ranks who spout racist falsehoods against President Barack Obama along the lines that he is Muslim who was really born in Kenya and thus, a fraud who hates America. This then explains why he is so apologetic for our mistakes and why he refuses to use the phrase, Islamic extremists.

These lies have been repeated so often that when CNN/ORC published the results of a survey of 1,012 adult Americans on 11/23/2015, it showed that the percentage of Republicans alone — 43 percent thought Obama is Muslim. This compared with 15 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of independents. According to a 9/14/15 Time Magazine article by Sam Frizell,“the latest poll shows that 20% of Americans believe Obama was born outside the United States, with 9% saying there is solid evidence to prove…

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