Do We Jump?


hijacked amygdala


People don’t come to us randomly

We call them

Breathing the voice of wisteria

When cigarettes were outlawed, we sucked on our toes

Chanting chanting chanting

Addiction came early

Shaped like a restraint

Forged in wax

Sharp is the knife selecting prime cut

Heroes who grew old

receding hairlines pop-out teeth and gnarled feet

Men licking boiled wool

Strung coins jangle be found on the wind

Horizon of purpose

Surpassing the age she ended

Burned by spotlight smaller and smaller


Lay stones over the unspoken

Duel in applique

Signals searching wave length

Wings spread for framework

Wrapt by effort

How you reached this far then

Set apart

By slipping feet

First the tragedy

Then the farce

It ends and it never ends

Theatre rich in masked gesticulation

Closing loops with string theory

Retina, red-faced in song of detatch

Blinks down the road in hopscotch

One foot landing in suckered punch

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