Ohio Making It Hard For Inactive Voters To Vote Again.

The Fifth Column

A primary election voter casts a provisional ballot at a polling place in Westerville, Ohio. CREDIT: AP Photo/ Matt Rourke

This comes as no surprise since Ohio is a pivotal swing state which could go either way. Republicans maintain a majority in Ohio so this sort of thing was bound to happen. (KS)     #gopdirtytricks


Nearly two million Ohio voters — a full third of the swing state’s electorate — mailed in their ballots in 2012. This year, many who wish to do so may be denied that choice.

The state has been aggressively purging voters who have skipped three or more federal elections, as well as those who have moved and failed to update their address. Those purged have been disproportionately low-income, African-American, Democratic voters who live in inner-city Cleveland and Cincinnati.

In addition to the 200,000 registered voters already purged, more than a million still-eligible Ohioans who have skipped just…

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