Canada Has Human Rights Violations: It Kills Aboriginals.

The Ugly Truth


ENGLISH KHAMENEI – Regarding human rights violations, the US and Canada have no lessons to give. Their jails are overcrowded with citizens. The bail system systemically denies constitutional rights. Physical isolation that amounts to torture is widely used. Jail sentences are disproportionate and there is no rehabilitation. The police summarily attack and murder black, aboriginal, and economically excluded citizens on the streets and in detention. CONTINUE READING

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  1. My friend this is a worthy article and very accurate. I lived in Canada for a year, during which time I met some Native Americans including my then-land-lord and I went to some of their meetings and couldn’t believe what was going on, we never heard about this in Europe or the US, it was covered up. I’m not blaming every Canadian by any means but not enough was being done to stem the tide of abuse and kidnappings, rapes, tortures, disenfranchizement of the native population. I had a friend who was half-Native American she said the same was true where she lived in Winnipeg. Very, very awful and no country can be truly ‘civilized’ (whatever the hell that actually means!) until their native/aboriginal people are respected, and treated with the dignity and equality they were denied so long.


      • I admire you for not being one of those unrealistic people who thinks ‘everyone is nice’ because whilst I know we are supposed to be more accepting and positive as people and I agree in some respect, the idea of just believing without due cause, that everyone is deep down a good person is to ignore about 99 percent of history isn’t it?


      • Everyday we see evil displayed for all to witness. We see occasional acts of kindness and I do my best to post those, when they occur. The truth is we are surrounded by evil, hatred and oppression of our fellow humans and animals. We as a species will soon eradicate our own very existence. There is good in the world but there is evidence that evil is easire for the weak to display, than any type of kindness/love/compassion/good. We need more humans like you.


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