Is War On Terror A Ruse To Enrich The US?


In Saner Thought

I enjoy research for it makes me search every dark corner of the subject…..there you find some amazing stuff and you also find some crap that only a demented mind could come up with…..

Ever noticed that when it becomes necessary the MSM will drop the “T” word…..terrorism…..especially if they want to get the readers attention…..

This opinion piece makes valid points but I think that it is more that the military-industrial complex (M-IC)…..more than to enrich the country…..there are many defense contractors that are making cash hand over fist…..and none of it is to benefit of the nation…their desires are purely egocentric.  The only ones that benefit from this are the many defense contractors and our corrupt government officials……the country is not enriched…individuals are.

The War on Terror has become a war of terror, a smokescreen for the pursuit of Western global hegemony, writes Firoz Osman.

The death and…

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