Oxygen reveals charred remains

custard for the clever witted

we speculate with static immolation

straight in recessed window, rag dolls with back-braces

sallow in urging colors trying to climb through layers

tinge me, hostile in uptake

fast runners with telegrams

will you read?

the sapphire inhalation of her need

tail lights rubbing curtains apart

see the shape of statues in argument

sharply silhouetted, no relief in focused shade

seek the tall glass sweating in fissure

Oxygen, melting combustion

allows nothing else

copy this down

the world doesn’t owe her a living

she owes the world

its ozone

maps in arboreal amplification

leave behind wonderment

wearing our best selves like checked suits

sacred for the fall of her perfect mouth

passing keys, closing door, revealing


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