Cops Exposed Ignoring Sex Trafficking/Slavery. Raid Pot Farms For Profit Instead.



Thanks to the war on drugs, “policing for profit” now takes priority over stopping the underground sex trafficking and slavery ring.

Source: Cops Exposed for Ignoring Sex Trafficking and Slavery to Raid Pot Farms for Profit Instead


September 16, 2016

Here at The Free Thought Project, we have documented numerous examples of how government’s war on drugs ruins the lives of innocent people and fuels the phenomenon called “policing for profit.”

In an investigative report by Shoshana Walter published at Reveal, we see the saddening, infuriating way in which these two products of the drug war come together in the Emerald Triangle, three counties in northern California that represent the largest cannabis-producing region in the U.S.

The good old days of the 60s – where hippies came to escape society and grow cannabis for a west coast population steeped in peace, love and mind expansion –…

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