Libya: “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”


In Saner Thought

I begin my week and I hope all had a good weekend…..

Think back to those hectic days of 2011……forces decided that Qaddafi had to go and the uprising began…..after lots of violence and destruction the US convinced everyone of its allies that there was a humanitarian crisis brewing in Libya…..and as they say…..the rest is history.

Since the death of Qaddafi the country has slipped into an ever tightening web of violence, deceit and destruction…..the country is divided along East-West lines…..in the East the government is headed by a Col. Haftar a CIA asset for many years….Haftar became the general of the army of the East and now he has been promoted again…this time to the rank of field marshal….

Let’s look at this gentleman shall we?

I am writing about Libyan Col. Haftar and his journey to supreme leader of Libya…..Born in 1943 in the eastern town of…

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