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  1. And me? I have taken a form of Mindful Living as we all should. I can tell you all enough on our children being abused by Family member or your friends.

    The issue with parenting now is parents must work two jobs, and that wonderful grandma is not with us anymore.
    When a child of 5 does such a thing usually at that age it is abuse. Watch your children close, keep them close. Are we the generation that broke our children?


      • I ALWAYS read you my friend and shall always do so. You are one of the best blogs I have read, and it’s a privilege to read you. I agree, we do ignore the reasons behind suicide and we care more about war than helping those in need, hence the defunding of mental health across the world. I also agree, the past was more caring than today, we seem today to be out for ourselves, at least there are exceptions like you and me🙂


      • Yes, thank the gods above, there are compassionate, caring, loving humans like you still living/working to save humanity. THE ONLY good thing about WORSTpress is it has allowed me to meet some very good people. You are at the top of that list.

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