What The Paralympics and Colin Kaepernick Tells Us About Honouring War Veterans

Media Diversified

by Christienna Fryar 

For sports fans in the United States, early September brings the return of football[1]: college football; high school football; and of course, the NFL. For all its fanfare, the beginning of the football season can be a fairly perfunctory affair.

636093166429164256-2016-09-12-colin-kaepernickThis season, not so much. From the moment journalists realised that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was remaining seated during the playing of the US national anthem at pre-season games, this football season has been much different. Kaepernick chose this form of protest against the flag and anthem to point out the wide gulf between the rights proclaimed by these symbols and the rights not granted to the victims of police brutality.

The subsequent outcry has been revealing; the first amendment right of free speech, that we’re told by people who in other circumstances would be quick to claim it, has limits. Peaceful protest –…

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