Marc Jacobs: Faux Locs And Fallout


What exactly is fashion week?  I imagine that it consists primarily of teeny women, clad in “fashionable” clothing that possibly looks atrocious, strutting the length of some well-lit runway.

Not that I’m particularly interested in fashion week.  Or fashion.

In fact, I have absolutely zero interest in it, but I simply could not resist the urge to have a conversation about designer Marc Jacobs’s recent faux loc fiasco.  Referring to the ordeal as a “fiasco,” however, is little more than alliterative; I’m sure that all of the hooting and hollering have made not a dent in Jacobs’s deep pockets, for he is, after all, somewhat of a fashion mogul.

While his latest artistic endeavors may have some people frantically searching for their pitchforks, I am so unconcerned with his treatment of locs, primarily because I’m too occupied with incredulously rereading the designer’s initial response to the uproar on Instagram.  I prioritize Jacobs’s reaction over…

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