Poverty In Australia


Source: Poverty in Australia | The Most Revolutionary Act


Dr. Stuart Bramhall

Growing Up Poor

Four Corners (2013)


In contrast to Decadence: The Meaninglessness of Modern Life, which highlights life in the Australian middle class, Growing Up Poor is a heartbreaking TV documentary about the children of a government subsidized housing project in Claymore, a suburb southwest of Sydney Australia.

The children talk quite poignantly about what it’s like to be bullied at school, to have parents who constantly argue and/or hit one another, to constantly confront the random violence associated with alcohol and drug abuse and to frequently hear and see police helicopters hovering overhead.

Claymore has the largest proportion of children in Australia. It also has a teen pregnancy rate that’s double the national average.

What I found most striking about the film is that Claymore children under 12 are still optimistic about having a…

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