Betty Shelby, Were You Scared?

Maureen O'Leary

A few days ago, a beloved former student of mine (a black man) from the charter school where I used to teach tagged me on Facebook with the following meme:14390985_518072815058980_3971467955046972534_n.png(It’s probably good to note here that I’m one of those teachers that is better in retrospect than I am in the present moment. I’m kind of like childbirth that way. When my class is over, you’re glad you went through it and tend to forget the pain.)

Perhaps it is this amnesia effect that caused my beloved former student to forget that I ruin jokes. And I ruined this one big time. The man was trying to be nice to me in a public forum, and I replied with:

There were no bad kids in any of the places I’ve taught, smarty pants.

Then another former student chimed in: I was bad you were cool with me lol.

But here’s the thing…

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