Gold Crayon



The Yogaswami wore mustard, custard, cumin, yolk, umber, sun, marigold

his robes of Tangiers, rust, Dr. Pepper, vitamin C and Crayola orange “Vivid Tangerine

his feet of sand, clay, wood, felt, plaster-cast, dust, desert, suffrage

told me to congratulate myself

humble beneath meditative christmas tree lights strung together to fuse as one

red chile for southwestern cheer, the non religious bring divining rods, roots and beer

eating enchiladas with marinated smiles over re-runs of It’s A Beautiful Life and slices of lime

be gladdened for your successes, celebrate them he said

(food is hard to color, choose names before accuracy, drawn like taste, expectation of good flavor, “Macaroni & Cheese” “Dandelion” “Tumbleweed” “Antique Brass“)

he stroked his long powdered beard

unwashed, soft, no longer shiny, smelt of ash and smoke from outside chicory wood, “Van Dyke Brown


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