Two Candidates, Zero Solutions

In Saner Thought

By ow the American voter has heard every lame ass reason for them to vote for dumb or dumber…..every applause line possible has been uttered and NOTHING of real substance has been heard.

We have comical solutions like a “Great Wall”…on “make the sand glow”…..or “we will defeat…..”none of it actually spells out how exactly any of these pipe dreams will work…..and their website are as worthless as used toilet paper…..but the major of Americans will vote for either “numb nuts” or “I want nuts”…..

Of course after the most recent bombing in NYC and Jersey the two candidates had to sprint to a microphone to offer their visions……

Facts are still coming out about the New York and New Jersey bombings. But from the information we do have, one thing is clear: the counterterror solutions promoted by Trump and Clinton would not have helped prevent it.

Source: Two Major…

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