Then There Is Gary Johnson. NOT.

In Saner Thought

As the election (or should that be the erection) draws closer……how many disenfranchised GOPers have changed to the Libertarians?  They seem to be afraid of Mr. Trump’s candidacy…..but they may be so with their new best choice.

I have written a wealth on why Trump and Clinton are bad ideas for your vote….I have also written about Dr. Stein of the Green Party….which is NOT a bad choice…….but I have not written much about the Libertarian in the race, Gary Johnson.

Personally I think Johnson is a joke but he is polling higher than Stein….for some reason….maybe because voters do not know that much about him other than he is for legalization of marijuana and his basic ant-interventionism…..both of those stands are commendable but there is more to the candidate than he wants to talk about….

A recent NBC News/Quinnipiac poll reveals that more than a quarter of young voters—many…

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