The Republic Academy Offering Private Tutoring and Education :: Private Schools

It’s been considered that this public school might not be available through everyone. For some few individuals, there will be a private school in Duncan. Since, during summer time Terri Walker had continually running on this Republic Academy. In which, he already started its classes in the beginning of this ordinary academic school year that includes those public learning institutes and she eventually brought on those semester towards closing on this similar fashion. With that, this private academy is intended for those learners from the level of kindergarten until to the 12th grade. Aside of that, this educational learning institute is also offering some tutorial classes towards learners who entirely needed some additional support regardless for what grade or educational level they have attain. Aside of that, the education program institutes also offering some support towards several home schooling parents that entirely provides consulting services and starting up aspects in order to cater and help their home schooling needs. Walker stated that she had already been receiving calls from its people that been outside on their respective area.

With that, Walker stated that there will be a really stronger home schooling group that been located in Duncan. Since, this program continually works on their yearly round basis together with several educational learning institutes weeks that entirely consists for this four day weeks especially that there will be about 180 schools days that been scheduled on it. It’s their first year that Walker run on this private educational learning institutes and the good thing on it that she was quite familiar to its teaching and student community resources. So for about 20 years, she already home school her children. She had started on it during the time that her family entirely created this move from the portion of Vermont until to California especially to the mere fact that she got some concern to her oldest son’s educational learning and as a result she provide her some idea of trying some home schooling. With that, she notice that there were some aspect that been missing on their educational learning. With that, she spent years upon teaching some music in the different public education institutes.

Her entirely goal through this Republic Academy is to entirely provide its learners some educational learning that would be quite needed to become successful individuals. So, this will be the reason why in addition to these teaching classes she can be able to give tutors for those children that needs some help. She said that her experience towards home schooling to its own children provided some mere knowledge to several first year educators that lack on it. Walker stated that parents must be receptive enough for their teaching methods.

Since, the Republic of Academy had already been set on these three principals for this Liberty, Leadership and Learning. She stated that she will be expecting several parents who will be enrolling their children in this type of educational learning in the coming years. She also added that individuals are very much interested of seeing what she can be able to do and several individuals have entirely wanted to learn on towards this private academy. With that, Walker stated that there had already been some desire from this parents intended for this private educational learning institute’s area. Especially that several people wanted some alternative and there will lots of interests towards it.



Catherine Sawyer is a journalist and an educator. She believes that education is one of the powerful tools that we can use to fight different adversities that the world is currently facing.