Finding The Right Toronto Private Schools

If you are looking for information on Toronto private schools, Christian school Toronto, private schools in York Region then you will be happy to know that there are several independent establishments in the Greater Toronto Area. With such an abundance, you will be able to decide what type of place is best for your child or children.

There are learning facilities that are coeducational and single gendered for boys or girls. They may have all grade levels from kindergarten to grade 12. They may be a junior school going to grade six or eight or a senior school that starts at grade seven or nine.

These locations may be solely a day school or they may also have a boarding population for students who do not live close by. Some of these boarders come from countries as far away as Hong Kong and Japan.

Many of the places of learning have religious affiliations. If you are looking for a Christian school, you have several options. Many of these establishments provide students with great academics, a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and a close-knit community. Even though a place may be tied to a particular church or religious group, it does not necessarily mean that your child has to be of that religion. Most independent places accept students of all faiths and beliefs. Families need to be aware that there might be a religious education provided in combination with normal academics.

In the York region, there are a variety of places to attend. Some of these places may not have as long as a history of places like Upper Canada College or the Bishop Strachan School, but nonetheless their goals have high academic standards along with a rich extra-curricular program are important. St. Andrews College in Aurora and Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill are two schools that have a Christian affiliation and known for their outstanding programs. Other places may have Montessori programs or follow the Waldorf philosophy. Those locations in the York region are easier to access for the families who live outside of the northern area of Toronto saving their children from a long commute for a higher education.

Entrance and acceptance in the independent system might involve writing a standard test like the SSAT, an interview and an application including reports from previous institutions. If accepted, there will be fees to pay for the education. Certain grade levels have higher acceptance rates. For example, most areas of learning in the private sector have increased numbers for grade seven, so there are a number of grade six students applying for those positions.

Most learning facilities have uniforms that are worn by the students on a daily basis. There are the regular uniforms along with athletic uniforms. The clothing often has the school crest on the shirt, blazer or sweater and is distinctive to each establishment with appropriate colors.

Finding Toronto private schools can, at first, be overwhelming with the amount of choices. Once you decide the type of school, the grade level entrance, and the area in which you want your child to learn, you will see that contacting these places and going for a tour will assist you in your decision.



Catherine Sawyer is a journalist and an educator. She believes that education is one of the powerful tools that we can use to fight different adversities that the world is currently facing.