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Keller Private Schools – Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy (MLCA) is a private school in Keller, Texas (76248). We are fully committed to enriching our students lives by instilling within each young child a new passion with regards to knowledge and learning, in combination with a feeling of self-confidence, and a sense of being loved and accepted. We feel that every single girl or boy is totally different as compared with all others. Our hope is to help children become everything that God has meant them to be.

Every child is endowed, by their creator, with a set of unique capabilities and abilities. Our job is to be attentive to their words and actions in order identify these particular talents and abilities. We then assist the child to successfully nurture and expand these gifts. When a child recognizes their abilities and experiences success while exercising them, it leads to a feeling of confidence and purpose in their lives.

It is “a worthy goal“ for each of us to be content and happy in whatever we undertake in our everyday life. We seek to help the child internalize this condition at an early age by introducing them to a life of service to God and others. The principle: Happiness in life is a direct result of serving God and fellow man – whatever the child’s ultimate vocation becomes. This desire for a life of service comes as a direct result of understanding the depth of Gods love for us.

We stand resolute about the training of character in every lesson. A number of these traits are actually left out of many “modern” curricula. These are important lessons that we teach day-after-day through word of mouth as well as by example. These “character traits” are so important and include: loyalty, responsibility, courage, determination, initiative, decisiveness, orderliness, etc.

We stress the fact that knowledge is not enough unless coupled with wisdom. It is one thing to know how to do something. It is quite different to understand the when and why of doing it.

Our type of program is actually called “Classical Education”. This is exemplified through our teaching of the 3 phases of knowledge development: content, evaluation, and application. In other words, we teach how to understand the information at hand, how to evaluate its practical use, and practical ways to put it into action.

We endeavor to feed the child’s faith in Jesus by way of steadfastly teaching His Gospel. And, as his/her faith in God increases, a valuable side effect often manifests itself. Your child learns to lead a lifetime of love and trustworthiness by following Christ’s example.

Education at Messiah Preschool – Early Childhood Center (ECC) and Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy works as a collaboration between parents and teachers functioning together for the child’s good. It is designed to impart wisdom, not merely knowledge. If at all possible it instills a sense of being loved, creates a desire for knowledge and builds the child’s confidence. We really encourage each and every child to explore his/her individual uniqueness and very special abilities – talents that God has supplied.

For more information on Keller Private Schools that make a difference, please read more at these two websites:

To find more specific information about curriculum, facility, teachers, tuition, etc. about the preschool go to the Messiah Lutheran Early Childhood Center’s “ECC” main website. Take this link: ECC.

For older children the Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy “MLCA” offers continuation of a great learning atmosphere coupled with advanced classroom subjects. To find more specific information about curriculum, facility, teachers, tuition, etc. related to the Classical Academy, please use the following link: MLCA.

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Catherine Sawyer is a journalist and an educator. She believes that education is one of the powerful tools that we can use to fight different adversities that the world is currently facing.