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The AmeriKKKlan Double Standard: Why Oregon Is Exactly Like MOVE In 1985 Philly

YES…it’s another damn MilitantNegro SoapBox™ These “Patriot” militia dumbfucks (domestic terrorist) who have taken control (illegally occupied) The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Oregon, are a serious problem for me. It highlights the double standard racists use daily in these United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan. What do you think would be […]



The Empty Chair symbolizes the millions of women raped yearly who do not come forward. You ask why? Ask them yourself. Because YOU know one.  #TheEmptyChair Need resources for Sex Assault & Rape Survivors? http://t.co/93qNrdFEZu They also have 24hr hotline #NeverTooLateToHeal — unbreakable (@McVickerMaria) July 27, 2015 And y'all rape […]


Someone YOU Should Know: Michelle’s Cookie Jar

Michelle’s Cookie Jar On Facebook Follow me on IG: MICHELLESCOOKIEJAR The Cookiepreneur! Creating contemporary cookies, using old-fashioned recipes & upscale ingredients. Catch a case of Cookiemania! 2014 Sun Sentinel Cookie Bake-Off, Finalist Products Cookies, Cookies & More Cookies….. S’mores Double Dark Chocolate Mint Mexican Hot Chocolate Chocolate Chip […]


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