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Why Did Mylan Raise EpiPen Prices 400%….Because They Could.

From Forbes.com: Why Did Mylan Hike EpiPen Prices 400%? Because They Could By Emily Willingham  CONTRIBUTOR Mylan pharmaceutical company has a virtual monopoly on EpiPens after a voluntary recall felled their only competitor, Sanofi’s Auvi-Q, over possible dosage miscalibrations. It’s not the drug being delivered that brings the bucks, though—epinephrine’s […]

Kids And Gun Death In America.

  By Jueseppi B.     Terrible tally: 500 children dead from gunshots every year, 7,500 hurt, analysis finds   From NBC News :   NBC News – About 500 American children and teenagers die in hospitals every year after sustaining gunshot wounds — a rate that climbed by nearly 60 […]

THIS Is Why America Needs GUN CONTROL: White Supremacist — A Convicted Felon — Has Arsenal.

By Jueseppi B.   Department of Justice photo: Richard Schmidt, Federal prosecutors have charged an ex-felon with illegally possessing 18 firearms, body armor and 40,000 rounds of ammunition.  An indictment in federal court in Toledo Wednesday also alleges that Richard Schmidt illegally trafficked in counterfeit clothing marked with brand names such […]


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