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South Carolina Legislature Floats Bill To Require All Public School Students To Take NRA-Approved Gun Rights Course.

From THINK PROGRESS & BY IAN MILLHISER Three Republican legislators in the South Carolina House have introduced the Second Amendment Education Act of 2015. South Carolina Bill Requires All Public School Students To Take NRA-Approved Gun Rights Course By THINK PROGRESS & BY IAN MILLHISER Legislation proposed last month by three […]

Whats Wrong With Our America

  By Jueseppi B.           Tea Party Senator: Keeping Guns From ‘Demented Individuals’ Will ‘Restrict Our Freedoms’     Ron Johnon on guns…A true genius.       Responding to the tragic shooting in Colorado during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Ron […]

Mr. Jason Alexander

  By Jueseppi B.             I’d like to preface this long tweet by saying that my passion comes from my deepest sympathy and shared sorrow with yesterday’s victims and with the utmost respect for the people and the police/fire/medical/political forces of Aurora and […]


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